World on the Move

A series on migration for Radio 4 which went out in 2008.

It was wonderful to visit the reindeer in Northern Sweden and to spend some time with the Sami people who follow the reindeer migration.

Winner - Sony Silver Award 2009

The sign outside my hotel in Vilhelmina. It was very cold! -10 in the middle of the day.

Reindeer in the spruce forests of N Sweden in an area called Vilhelmina, they havemade their way here from the mountains in the west, towards Norway.

Karin Baer, the Sami reindeer herder and Camilla Sandstrom from Umea University who I interviewed on the World on the Move programme.

Karin giving supplementary feed to the reindeer. These particular animals are being kept in a pen and fed on manufactured food because they still have too much caesium in their bodies. Where does the caesium come from? From the Chernobyl disaster in 1986! The lichens the reindeer love to eat still have high levels in their tissues, which is passed onto the reindeer. A stark reminder of the long lasting effects of a nuclear disaster.

Role: Producer