Sound of Many Waters

Sat 29th Sept 2007 - opening mass and event

Opening Event with talks, films and a celebration mass with Bishop Chris Toohey from Australia (Chair of Catholic Earthcare Australia) and Bishop Declan Lang (Bishop of Clifton and Bishop for Environmental Justice for England and Wales).

Thursday Oct 4th 2007

Schools Day at St Brendan's Catholic Sixth Form College in Bristol.

Miranda Krestovnikoff opened the day, which saw the presentation of the first UK schools environmental audit kit.  It involved music and a visit from Bishop Declan.

Sunday 27th January 2008

Starling Watch on the Somerset Levels. 

Winter evenings see many thousands of starlings come in to roost in the reed beds of the Levels, providing us with a wonderful wildlife spectacle. Comments from participants:

"This was one of the most memorable evenings of my life? it was very moving, I would never have done this type of thing normally"

"It was wonderful. It made me think about things differently"

Friday February 15th 2008

Lenten evening of reflection and reconciliation in Clifton Cathedral, led by Jesuit Fr Chris Boles.

A beautiful, thought-provoking, contemplative presentation with music, poetry and visual display.

Chris Boles drew much inspiration for this evening from the naturalist, environmental campaigner and writer John Muir his writings and books are very well worth exploring.

Chris is the Superior of the Lauriston Jesuit community in Edinburgh and in 2009 is running a lecture series at the Centre exploring many issues around people and nature. Please see his website:

At the end of the evening Chris asked people to make a LiveSimply promise. LiveSimply is a wonderful initiative by CAFOD  It asks everyone to make one pledge that means they will live in harmony with the poor and the earth.

Sunday April 6th 2008

Spring Has Sprung Nature Day

This included a dawn chorus experience in the Bishop's garden with naturalist Chris Sperring (below), a family nature walk, an organic and locally sourced spring lunch and an evening illustrated talk by Mary Colwell and Bishop Declan Lang.

Thanks to Chris for helping so much with the natural history side of Sound of Many Waters and a very big thank you for letting me use many of his beautiful photos on this site.

Sunday April 26th 2008

"What on Earth Are We Doing?" An afternoon of talks and information on climate change and how it will affect the poor, Mary Colwell, Bishop Declan and Mike Edwards - climate change strategist for CAFOD.

Sound of Many Waters/CAFOD day.  Some of the comments that were submitted on assessment forms:

An inspirational, amazing few hours. Thank you so much to the speakers and organisers

It was a wonderful afternoon, reflective and stimulating. Thank you

Really enjoyable and informative afternoon with marvellous speakers.

Speakers were brilliant. Three different approaches but all really helpful. Need to deliver this hopeful and informative message to young people in places and ways relevant to them and get the message into schools/colleges. Thank you! It was a wonderful, thought provoking event.

Speakers were of superb calibre and injected credibility, realism, but also hope into the debate.

Excellent presentations, I would love to see these talks on TV/Radio, maybe in larger venues with wider audiences. I think the point is vital that alternative fuels etc are all very well, but reduced consumption is the most important way.

A most encouraging and interesting day. Superb speakers, a big "thank you" to each.

Great day, the choice of guest speakers was super, different angles to the issue.

Very worthwhile and inspirational event.

A very interesting meeting with a commendably wide range of approaches.

I was dreading the depression caused by the subject, instead I leave with HOPE which I long searched for.

Thursday May 29th 2008

Mary Colwell and Bishop Declan Lang gave a joint, illustrated presentation at Norwich Cathedral.

Thursday June 5th 2008

Saints and Sustainability evening. 
Martin Palmer, Chief Exec of Alliance of Religions and Conservation held a wonderfully entertaining evening looking at the deep wisdom surrounding caring for the world that exists in the history and tradition of the Catholic Church. He also and brought alive the lives of local saints who were eco-warriors of their time, and still speak to us today.

Sunday July 20th 2008

Summer Inter-Faith Walk

Bishop Declan Lang, Rabbi Natan Levy and Farooq Siddique walked together over the Clifton Suspension Bridge and then held an afternoon of tea and cakes with a talk from each leader on their faith's attitude to the natural world. Omar Williams presented the Islamic perspective at Emmaus.

Click Here to see the article on the BBC website

Sunday September 28th 2008

Tea Cakes and Climate Change:  
An informal afternoon of tea and cakes in Emmaus garden with Bishop Chris Toohey from Australia where people could chat to Bishop Chris about the effect of climate change in Australia.

Tuesday September 30th 2008

Bishop Declan Lang and Mary Colwell give a joint presentation in Liverpool, hosted by Archbishop Patrick Kelly

Saturday and Sunday October 4th/5th 2008

Flowing Onwards The official end of Sound of Many Waters.

Art exhibition, films, pictures and a celebration mass, as well as pointers to the future.

Flowing onwards will carry on the spirit of Sound of Many Waters and hopefully extend it outwards to many different areas. We have already been out to experience owls at night in a wood in Somerset, and it was a privilege to be given a glimpse into their world, on their terms. Thanks again to Chris Sperring for taking us.

Thank you to the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) for generously supporting this project.