A long running documentary strand for Radio 4 looking at all aspects of the natural world.  I have produced many programmes ranging from the future of the Severn Estuary to snails to Scotts pine trees -  to name a few.


Mud, Birds and Tides - The Severn Esturay  Broadcast Sept 16th at 21.00 2009

The Severn Estuary has the second highest tidal range in the world - 15 m - and as the water rips over the mud and rocks the turbulence turns the water brown.  It is also ear marked for a huge tidal barrage.  But what lives there?  How does life survive the racing tides? Should the barrage be built?  Presented by Chris Sperring

Listener Comment: "Fascinating programme, I loved the image of the "jewels in the cave like pirates treasure". And 2000 species on Steepholm. Amazing!!! A lot covered and a lot to think about. Excellent programme. Thank you."

Seabirds - The Canaries on the Cliffs.  Broadcast on June 3rd 2009 on Radio 4

Britain is internationally important for its seabird colonies - but worrying trends in numbers returning to breed each year, and the numbers of chicks they are producing, is leading to searching questions about the state of our oceans.  Presented by Chris Sperring.





The Future of the Amazon. Broadcast on May 5th 2009 on Radio 4

The Amazon Basin is vitally important as a home to 50% of the world's species but also as a carbon sink and regulator of climate, but it is always under threat from deforestation..  But how does the increasing loss of trees affect the wildlife that lives there?  Presented by Paul Evans.



A fun programme exploring the wild and whacky world of the snail - from the biggest to the smallest - and some are VERY small!






Caledonian pine forest once covered the whole of Scotland, now it remains in a few isolated forests.

But plans are afoot to see the majestic Scots Pine once again cover the mountains and plains of Scotland - but is everyone happy?



Role: Producer