The Pope and The Iceberg

Clifton Cathedral October 2005


In October 2005 I gave a lecture in Clifton Cathedral.  This was the first time I had ever spoken in public but I felt strongly that I wanted to challenge the Catholic Church to take its responsibility towards the earth much more seriously. 

The Amazon sits entirely within Catholic countries yet I have never heard the Church speak out to protect it from destruction.  The Philippines, Brazil and N America all have huge Catholic populations yet the Church seems silent - or it was then - on what was happening to the rivers, forests and plains.

I was fortunate because of my connection with the BBC Natural History Unit to be able to use some spectacular footage to illustrate my lecture.

The success of this lecture led to the year of environmental events at Clifton called Sound of Many Waters - please visit that page for details.

This series also inspired a series of podcasts on hosted on the Clifton Diocese website, including one on the environment.