Curlew Workshops and Meetings

After the Curlew Walk I organised - with a lot of help of course - 4 Curlew Workshops around the country to bring people together to discuss what is happening and to find a way forward. Each workshop had a series of talks in the morning followed by workshops in the afternoon identifying problems and coming up with solutions.  The Irish Workshop produced the Curlew Task Force, the S England Workshop resulted in the setting up of the Curlew Forum, the Welsh Workshop launched the brand new Wales-wide Curlew Cymru, and the Scottish conference boosted work in their Working for Waders programme.

There has also been a meeting hosted by prince Charles in a hotel on Dartmoor and a Curlew Summit in Downing St. The individual pages will give you the details.


Curlew decline

Curlew decline

Action on the ground

Each Curlew organisation has been successfully getting on the ground action going straight away. You can read the details on the different pages - and they are all summarised on the CurlewCall pages here where you can also have a look at most of the powerpoint presentations. Scotland already has a Working for Waders initiative, which is aimed at all upland wader species. This workshop will include lowland curlews too and highlight the specific issues they face.