A Life With

Broadcast 2012

A series of 5 x 15 min programmes on Radio 4, They were broadcast over 1 week between 2 - April 2012 at 1.45 pm. I interview passionate naturalists about why they love one aspect of nature so much. See my blog too.

Water Voles

Darren Tansley fell in love with water voles as a child.  He was a musician and a Greenpeace activist, then became a warden with the Wildlife Trust in Essex where he spends his time making rivers good for water voles.  We have lost 90% since WW2, so his work is vital - and he loves it.


Phil Wilkins is a palliateive care consultant in Norfol but out of the hospital he is passionate about insects.  His garden is devoted to them and as a former surgeon with an eye for detail he paints intricate portraits of them.  Here is his blog.


Sue Sawyer gave up a job as a teacher to become a full time seal watcher and recorder.  Her work led to a new and user-friendly way of identifying seals from their fur patterns.  She has contributed enormously to our understanding of how seals move around our coasts.  A true, passionate amateur naturalist she started the Cornwall Seal Group.


Keith Hiscock introduced me to the wonderful world of British corals, including the exotic sounding Scarlet and Gold Star coral - we saw a colony in Devon.  The shallow waters around our seas are crimming with life most of us know nothing about - it was fascinating to spend the day with him.

Mosses and Liverworts

Sam Bosenquet can make anyone want to know more about the unassuming tiny plant like organisms that grow almost anywhere.  He reads whole landscapes by seeing what is where - where is damp, dry, lime-rich, acidic, clean polluted.  He looks down a valley and knows what he'll find where.He says he feels grounded and secure when he sees them, he feels he belongs. Amazing.

Role: Producer and Presenter